The Installation of "Djenne"

May 27, 2011 Candace Morris 5 Comments

Many moons ago, Joel and I bought a painting from one of our dearest friends and quite talented oil painter, Jeremy.  "Djenne" has been hanging in art walks across Seattle since then, and I have been scrambling to find a wall big enough to contain her massiveness.  As of last night, my bookshelves occupied the only wall that could hold the painting.  We decided to move them to my little studio and make way for "Djenne."

A shot of my wall with the bookshelves as they used to stand.

Last night, "Djenne" finally came home.  In fact, it was delivered and installed by the artist himself! Such service.  (There may have been a Paseo's sandwich in it for him).

A shot of Jer and Joel installing the painting.

My books and beloved vignettes, newly piled and homeless.

Isn't she a beaut?
It totally changes the feel of the room - it's lighter, less anchored, less womb-like.  I am looking forward to sharing breath, to coexisting, to living together and bonding.

As for my poor, neglected books, they will find new places this weekend.
After I swoon over each one and fondle and sniff their pages, of course.
It's going to be good.

So to you, Djenne, I say, 
Bienvenue a la maison.
And the books will forgive you in time.

Take THAT, generic Ikea art,


want versus plenty

May 26, 2011 Candace Morris 6 Comments

I have a lot on my mind of late. Joel and I are looking toward the future and trying to plan with wisdom and with soul.  I keep working on scenarios, financials, and timelines  that might afford us optimal happiness.  It's driving me a bit crazy.

The other night, I walked to my yoga class.  I left intentionally early.  I stopped to smell the darkest purple lilacs, a luxury in their differentiation from my lavender-colored bush at home.  I noticed the sounds of the neighborhood and stumbled upon a girl dressed in sparkly pink mary-janes, pushing a stroller and talking to her cargo playmate, a younger child also dressed up.  I giggled at her nonchalance.  It made me walk lighter.

I entered the glorious old building.  I smelled the age in its bones.  I caressed the thirsty wood on the staircase.  I was dwarfed in the enormity of the windows.

I arrived to class earlier than expected. I took my deliberate time setting up the mat, blocks, blanket.  I found the place I wanted to do my practice.  I tried really hard to meditate on the moment.  I kept getting distracted by the flashing leaves outside the window.  Mission accomplished.

I kept Thomas Moore's quote in my head.  

"The soul is nurtured by want as much as by plenty."
found in Care of The Soul
Chapter 9, "The Economics of Soul: Work, Money, Failure, and Creativity"

I realized how guilty I feel about how much I want from life.
Conversely, I realized how entitled I feel toward those goals.

I carried both in my paradox pouch and let myself feel the nurturing embrace of desire;
the sheer goodness of wanting.


Staycation Report

May 24, 2011 Candace Morris 5 Comments

Morris Family Staycation
Since two of the four couples will be moving further from home in a few weeks, disabling them from attending the Morris family vacation usually held in August, we decided to stay at home for comfort and do fun things around the property.  Lord knows there are plenty of them.


(Mom took this one)

(via Mom)

If this video is broken, here's the link.

(via Mom)

(I rode the tote-goat.  I may look trepidatious here, but later Joel and I switched places and I was much more comfortable.  So fun!)

 (of which I captured so few but of which were great in number and quantity)



It will be a long while before we are all together again, so we had to fill our love banks full up.  I'm tuckered out.

High on Morris acceptance,