Rorschach tea-stains

May 09, 2011 Candace Morris 5 Comments

tea stain

It must freaking be Monday.
I forgot how to drink tea for a second, consequently spilling it on my white blouse (that I took an extra 10 minutes this morning to ACTUALLY IRON!  Who even irons anymore?!).  

Before I rolled my eyes at the "of course I did that" moment, I noticed that the water oxi-pen that I used to clean it had formed a rather lovely shape.  I could only interpret this heart-shaped stain as a good, no, GREAT sign.  After this divine vision, small though it be, a flood of yaysaying surged through my mind.  There are several good things to share.

1.  After an amazing Saturday, Joel and I moved our futon out to the fireplace, started a fire, and blared classical music and symphonic movie soundtracks throughout the house.  For a solid 3 hours, we stared at the fire and reveled in music.  I wondered to myself when the last time I just sat down to really listen to music was.  I felt like a teenager again, lounging around in my room.  Then, at midnight, we got a hankering for crepes.  Breakfast at midnight = festive! It was one of my most memorable and favorite dates I've ever had with my lover.

2.  I am leaving on Wednesday to spend some much needed time with Kelly and Brad and the animals.  Joel and I are driving down and really looking forward to some leisurely long hours in the car.  We will talk, and we will eat. Joel will listen to Carl Sagan and I will sleep.  C'est parfait.

3.  My weekly weigh-in went so well today.  I lost and I feel really great about it.  It's amazing what a sober week can do for a girl's waistline!

Cheers to the silver-lining of spilling on your shirt,

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