The Baby Star has Landed: "A hazy cosmic jive"

July 05, 2012 Candace Morris 13 Comments

Here I am, last Friday afternoon, 35 weeks and 1 day pregnant.  My midwife and I joked that I might have this kid this weekend.
Hilarious, I say.
Don't I look amused?
After 24 hours of labor, the last four trying to push out an "unfavorably positioned" baby (I love how they say that, as if it was just a minor inconvenience and not DAMN NIGH IMPOSSIBLE (occiput posterior position with the addition of her leaning her head way back so the forehead presented first.  The forehead does not mold or shape like the rest of the head, so you can imagine my dilemma)), the little star found her way to us.

Since she was "late pre-term" (born between 35-37 weeks), we had to stay at the hospital for 48 hours for observation. She was a total champ, and one nurse called her a "lusty rockstar." Fitting, if you ask me, since we decided to name her after David Bowie.  Which is to say it's not so much after him as much as an homage to my sister, who introduced me to him and loves him so.  I love its bad-ass sounding cuteness and the message it sends the world, "I am probably just a bit too much for your taste, but if you get me, you effing get me!"  That, or the message will have something to do with the wearing of spandex and a remarkably ambidextrous visage.  At the very least, it will say, "I am not ordinary."  It also means "victory."  Her middle name was chosen after her father's long-term love affair with the night sky.  Andromeda is the neighboring galaxy threatening to collide with ours, and also means "courageous thinker."

Bowie Andromeda Morris
6.6lbs, 17.75"

We are home, we are doing well. 

Our words are giants when they do us injury,
and dwarfs when they do us service.
-Wilkie Collins The Woman in White

And so, I will let the grandiose changes stay large rather than trap them with a word.

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