new... a list.

December 10, 2010 Candace Morris 2 Comments

In the last few days, I've been newly acquainted with the following:
  • A vintage PomPom aluminium Christmas tree.  It's gonna be friggen fantastic (and will arrive next week).  Happy Kitchmas!  Sidenote: this kind of campy tree is the only tree I could sacrifice the smell of a real tree for...just so we understand each other.  This is not about convenience.  This is about style.
  • Great new friends with women at work that make me laugh.
  • The perfect black Prada flats that I found reused for only $50. They were my size AND already stretched for my wide feet.  I almost cried.
  • A new painting.  I am so beyond excited about this.  Nothing feels better than investing in soul.
  • A sad new kind of internal isolation.  Despite a plethora of meaningful and deep connections (I seem incapable of casual relationships), there are times I feel so stuck inside myself.  I've recently been privy to several breakups and it gets under my skin, I suppose.  Then, the very people I want to know the most become seemingly impossible for me to really reach.  I believe this is a quick remedy. Saint, take me on a date.  The moment I lecture him on how we need to prioritize our passion, or express the fear that we are not impervious to breakups,  his lips will turn upward with feelings of endearment at my dramatic flair; his eyes will water with admiration and he'll stare down my flailing, isolated soul and capture it again.
  • Words (all courtesy of Ted Hughes):
    • caryatids - a sculptured female figure used as a column
    • friable - easily crumpled or reduced to power
    • palanquin - a passenger conveyance consisting of a covered box carried by resting poles on the shoulders of men.

I hope your weekend is, at the very least, an education.

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