1920s Lawn Party: Attagirl!

July 29, 2009 Candace Morris 10 Comments

a lady needs a hat

To ease this thirty-one year old soul into the year,
the saint and I (with so many others' help) hosted a 1920s Lawn Party.

the game yard

boys playing croquet

We set up my grandfather's 50 year old croquet set, a badminton net, metal horseshoes, and boules. We threw linens on outdoor furniture, we set up a strand of lights, we bought the best flowers, we set out our vintage china, we mixed a mean mint julep, we played old records...

a lone player

<span class=

champagne and pearls, one of my favorite girls

We ate the food of the time (monte cristos, pigs in a blanket, pineapple upside-down cake, deviled eggs, champagne grapes, egg salad sandwiches sans crust, homemade gelato, you name it!). We tapped a keg of homemade brew. We donned our best costumes and headed out of the city. My oh my how we laughed and danced and hugged and played quite remarkably hard.

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summer's kiss

a wee <span class=

It was a perfect night which included a delightful summer sprinkle and wonderful little conversations all over the yard.

I have already heard that it was the party of the summer!

the brothers k

mason jar brew

<span class=

abbey, <span class=

all strands lead to the keg

<span class=

A lot more photographs and the originals can be found here:
20s Lawn Party

another <span class=

I have to give a huge thank you to my favorite Erin Morris (pictured above) for taking me away from the party and getting some shots of me. She is a professional photographer, and I am floored by her work. Thanks, E!

with my birthday chalice

We stepped back into time.
We forgot ourselves.
We lived and we lived loudly.

And zounds, how we slept.

<span class=

If 31* is anything like this party,
I am in for quite a memorable, magical, indulgent year.


*For the year of 31-32, I am embarking on a monthly project. Stay tuned...

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