the weekend that dreams are made of

May 02, 2011 Candace Morris 5 Comments

My lover and I keep having these "is this seriously our life?!" weekends.  
We are relishing every little morsel.

Friday night, Joel told me to "dress for dinner."  He then made up some delicious Cuban sandwiches, poured a nice bottle of Bordeaux, and sat me down in my Sunday best to watch all 10 hours of the Royal Wedding coverage he downloaded from the BBC.  (Four days later, we aren't even through the ceremony).  We took a break mid-way to step out for a delicious bit of bread pudding and nip of whiskey.  Silly though it was (and rather impractical to eat a messy sandwich while dressed up), it was a very important time of connection for us both. When did adults stop playing pretend?

Saturday we decided to walk to the Farmer's Market for some produce and meat to grill.  Joel has been ALL about his grill lately, and so we found a dozen fresh oysters and some lamb chops.  While walking home, we ducked into a coffee shop for a quick Americano and game of Farkle (one of our newest date obsessions).  After a few hours, lunch called us to the Village Sushi, just down the street.

farkle on the phone

Chirachi Bowl at Village Sushi
Frozen Yogurt at Greenlake

Off to the hardware store and a quick stop for another of our latest obsessions, fro yo!

Once home, the sunshine seduced us outside and we finally attended to the herb garden we've been trying to plant all spring.  A few hours (and very stiff legs) later, we had our humble garden of cilantro, Italian parsley, mint, and chervil.  While I finished up the gardening, Joel BBQ's the oysters and we enjoyed the rest of the evening with friends.

BBQ Oysters with Cilantro and Louisiana Hot Sauce

I' faith, I myself enjoyed it a bit too much, and spent the night and next day paying for it.  Sunday we spent recovering from my booze intake.  We drove to Joel's parents and picnicked on their lawn for a few hours, soaking up the sunshine, resting, and talking.

There are Mondays when I feel refreshed and ready to take on the tasks of the work week, but friends - I tell you, today I am wishing for an extension of my weekend something awful.  What would I do, you ask?  Just as Joel asswered last night when I asked him..."spend more time with you."

my family

One of the things I've really come to appreciate about Joel is not only his unwavering work ethic (he loves hard work!), but also his ability to rest when necessary (it IS a skill to be learned).  These traits do not often come packaged together in a male, and I need both from him so desperately.  He's my closest friend and I still thank my lucky stars every single day for the promise of a lifetime with such a kind, intelligent, sexy, wise, and persevering soul. 

Not to mention, I really like his bod.


Back to the grind.

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