coffee and cakes, roger? why yes, gertrude, i don't mind if i do.

May 07, 2008 Candace Morris 6 Comments

Why do I keep blogging in the mornings? I feel I am cheating you, souls, by writing in my morning way…stay tuned for a salacious, soul-filled blog, written in the wee hours of the morn.

I think my deterrent (and he will hate this and demand we move it right now if it keeps me from writing), is that my dear soul is sleeping in the room where my computer now resides. Last night, instead of doing the bills as I should have, I decided to let joelio sleep instead – and used his laptop to dink around until much too late. I supposed I could have blogged then, but his computer just isn’t my home.

A few points of note this overcast day.
  • I sited another “comfortable wardrobe” moment this morning in the elevator. Excusing the fashion faux-paux of the moment, this kind gentleman adorned slacks, polo, and comfy sneakers. Because I tend to hate just about everything in the morning, I hated him for his comfortable feet. Now, with some coffee giving me a bit of perspective, I realize I love his feet. He made me realize that I was not miserable in my boots, but was actually enjoying the comfy cushion of joel’s new socks (shhh. i am gonna be in soo much trouble). So even if my only requirement for a new job is to wear some soul-giving raiment, I can find small elements of comfort in my current situation. And let’s face the music, dearies…we all needs these tidbits of comfort to have the courage to face our existential dilemmas.

  • It was free coffee Wednesday at the Sbucks in my building. I have three to choose from, so the one closest to my office was granted my business. Yes, for some reason I received a free coffee card to try their new roast every Wednesday. I feel this roast to be inferior to any African or Ethiopian bean, but I will drink just about anything if it’s free. And free is what I am all about these days.

  • I am looking forward to my co-workers birthday. I get just the smallest, cutest sliver of coconut cake from mecrina bakery. This bakery is just the bee’s knees, my confidants. You really must love it so. do make a point to visit in on your next trip to god's city.

  • I am overwhelmed of late with my dear friends and their struggle with moneys. I don’t know if you realize, but I have seriously the kind of friends that people write home about. These people are healthy, whole (or on their way), and live their lives with gustos of courage. But I see them making sacrifices and hurting because this society has no tolerance for soulfull careers. This angers me, my comrades. Some must be destitute and some must not attend to their futures, and I hate it friends. I just want to spit. What can be done…I wish to provide a new world; yes, a brave new world where we can soma.

EEEKKKS. Put everything sad on hold. A man JUST walked in with a pink bakery box! I do believe that a coconut cake resides inside. My coworker just said the most poignant thing I will hear all day.

“Pink bakery boxes always make me happy.”

I am going to sneak a picture of it.

I am so covert in my cajolery. I sneaked my camera into my pocket and then went to the kitchen.

I was also very naughty and took the sticker off to get a picture of the insides. And I am once again reminded of why i always carry my camera in my purse. which is why i need a big purse!

Happy Pink Box Wednesday; your eyes are sugary sweet to me.

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