monday morning pokeys

May 12, 2008 Candace Morris 1 Comments

you didn't hear it from me first. i stole it from the alaska air lady on the phone. i was changing a reservation for my boss, and she explained that the computer was slow, that it had the "monday morning pokeys." i loved the aptness of the phrase so much that i am stealing it now.

and isn't it the truth? i think my work day would be so much better if i could do a 10am-3pm day and poke around in the morning.
(let's just pretend for a minute that i would actually get out of bed earlier than like 30 min before i had to leave.)

In this imaginary world, i would make my bed leisurely, inspire myself with my daily blog fix, enrich my eyes on etsy, take plenty of time to ponder my outfit, read a chapter in Augustine's confessions while gazing out my sunny window, sip some jasmine tea, make some poached eggs and orange juice, take a long shower, listen to NPR, lovingly put myself together for the day, and then leisurely walk to work.

you realize that in reality, it's probably about 2pm before i would get any of this done. but hey, it's imaginary!

i just love to poke, poke, poke.

people need to poke more.

outside of this poking, my head is a-brimming with lists galore. last night, while relaxing in bath (honey, this is where my most amazing thoughtlings occur), I realized that I needed to start a list of ways to spoil myself. i did this list this morning, and i am quite happy with it. i then prioritized this list by most wanted/necessary (i have included the expensive hairspray and mascara i like on this list), and am now able to clear the flow of ideas in my mind due to this cleansing list. oh listlings!!!! i just adore you so.

another listing happening is my apartment projects. i have to prioritize them, and this is the hardest part for me. candace is a very impatient bird, my there isn't a lot of waiting that wants to naturally occur. but alas, each item requires green monies, so i am forced to wait. and the waiting is goodness for my souling.

i am annoying myself with the -ings. you?

in tragic the porting of a leftover salad, i managed to spill caesar dressing on the inside of my decidedly hugeific purse. i will now be on the bus and vampires and ghouls alike will be repelled from my garlicky essence. i guess i really DO have to get a new purse now...oh darns.

happy pokeys, my invaluable loves.

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