May 26, 2008 Candace Morris 4 Comments

the last couple of days have brought some firsts to my life. may i tickle your ear with this?

  1. fashion photographer/makeup artist/hair dresser (can you help me by voting on the best one to enter into a fashion photo shoot online?) leave a comment, or leave the number you like best.
    JMG Photo Shoot 05.23.08

  2. learning to juggle
  3. playing bomber man - an old arcade game.
  4. sitting in park with a laptop because we have a park 5 steps from my door way and our wireless signal reaches
  5. contemplating reading the harry potter series. (a book store owner must, mustn't she?)

on a side note. i am feeling better. thanks jackie. thanks solitude. thanks internet. thanks wine.

oh, and thank god. yes.

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