late night picture fix

May 12, 2008 Candace Morris 2 Comments

i have had a DEELLIGHTful bit of pictures sent my way this very eve. there is very little in life that gives me immediate soul pleasure like photos of my beloveds. here you are, all your soulful glory.
(my surrogate brother cousin roomate - through the lens of his beloved and talented wife, Erin)

joel and i at tango tapas, where we took mom in law for her belated bday.

the parents i adore. the dessert isn't too bad either!!! good loooooord.

my nephew, gavin. my best friend jackie's kids. they move my soul.

his sister, mekenzie. oh man...this precious being has the childhood i was supposed to. i see her and i am me again.

these pictures are delighting my midnight soul.

off for some shut eye.


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