May 30, 2008 Candace Morris 3 Comments

I am rather anticipatory of this break from work over the next three nights and two day (aka: weekend).

For the following reasons:

Tonight is Candace’s deposit of alone time for the weekend because Joelio is out of town for the night. So I am thinking of all the million ways I could spend it, and there just isn’t enough time. Here are my plans perhaps:

  1. Chiropractor
  2. Drop off dress for dry cleaning (for wedding next weekend)
  3. Home to change and then jump in car, go to Greenlake and run/walk the 3 mile trail (must charge ipod)
  4. Pho for dinner (take back to house)
  5. Eat on porch and sip some sunset
  6. Laze back into apartment, and NEST:
    ~Put away trinkets (All these chores )will be fun because Madonna (circa 1985-1998) will be pounding in the house and I will be jumping around like an 80’s crazed maniac (ever seen the movie with Sarah Jessica Parker called “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun?”) This, of course, depends on how much I actually ran around said trail.

    ~Balance checkbook
    ~Peruse the internet for god knows what
    ~Make menu and shopping list for Ladies Night #2 (Sex in the City, here we come!)
  7. Perhaps watch one of the 10 movies I need to watch in order to return to library and not get fines!

Saturday will be another morning of alone-loveliness – and I will leisurely sip some coffee, walk to whole foods (this will be a feat, and I sincerely doubt I will do it – it’s ALL uphill on the way back – and torturous).

Saturday afternoon will be the debut of my Salad Nicoise to my ladies, a delightfully chic new (vintage) dress, the fabulous movie salaciousness of SITC, and then back to my place for sweets, drinks, and laughter.

Sunday will be a trip to the farmer’s market in am (for fresh flowers and other goodies), a meeting for Julie’s wedding, and an IKEA trip for my living room lamps, two sets of track lighting, and pricing for other things.

Also, did I mention that I get off early on Fridays b/w Memorial Day and Labor Day – so we close at 3pm. This exults me greatly and ALMOST makes me forget that this is the first day in 10 w/o coffee.

So this blog was soo about my weekend lists. Deal with it.

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