find me astray

May 08, 2008 Candace Morris 7 Comments

I love finding lost things.

Many of you know I moved almost two weeks ago. After about 2 nights of sleeping at my new place, my neighbor and lovely friend Kelly brought over her issue of domino magazine.

Granted, she introduced me to this magazine, but what gives her the right to have hers before mine comes? I mean, I have been a loyal subscriber for over T.H.R.R.R.E.E.E.E whole months now, why should I have to wait while she oogles the lovelies? She even brought it over to show me the new inspiration for my kitchen. i know! such audacity.

I started to think about the injustice of my poor little lost domino…mental check list.

Had I forwarded my mail exactly on time? check.
Had I logged onto the magazine website and changed my address? check.
Had I checked both the old mailbox and the new mailbox? check.

check, check, and double freaking CHECK. dangs it to all.....

But to no avail. domino was A.W.A.L, finito, poof, missing, extinct.

In other words:

I do not recover well from loosing things. i was prepared to go buy a replacement yesterday...but wouldn't you know, and thank the jesus, I found her crammed into my new 1920s* mail box!

Oh the delight!

The sheer euphoric stupendousness!!! She was wrapped in plastic and protected. Not lost, not AWAL, not missing, not finito. not astray.

In other words:

Oh what pleasure is mine, sweet little domino. Did I rip her open and allow her beauty to breath life into my idea-sapped brain? Stay stay, impatience. I am the most patient person,
I saved it. That’s right. I became like my bigger sister hoarding her larger-than-life sized Disneyland sucker well after I had already finished mine.
I saved it for my most sacred time. My bath. (Did you know I was a religious bath-taker, dearies?).

But on to my point.

Reasons I love this issue:

  1. In the editors tribute to mother’s day, she used this word - Insouciance: lack of care or concern; indifference. I delight in this.
  2. Even IF Kelly did show me my new kitchen …I found my new kitchen! It is already this gorgeous stark white, but very vintage. Therefore I will be adding cobalt and yellow to enrich this place.

In happy news!!! I received the most exciting housewarming gift from said friend above. Annette on Etsy from whom Kelly bought the print is really talented and her prints speak oodles of exaltation to my soul. I will get one more of the same orange one below, and also a blue one. Aren’t they just delish? (click on pic to view on etsy)

I hope you find what you have lost, loverlies.

p.s. i almost burned my eye off today. i had run out of contact solution, so i used some random stuff i found in my backup supplies. i completely read the label correctly and everything, but when i went to put my contacts in this morning, OH IT BURNED! I couldn't even open my eye for about 10 seconds to get the culprit out! aye, dios mio. so today, i am donning my prada glasses, and they needed to be donned anyway - the fabulousness gorgeouness of them might be SOMEWHAT overshadowed by my looks-like-a-case-of-pink-eye right eyeball. ouchy. lesson: do not use cheap contact solution.

* did you know that it's improper to add an apostrophe onto a date? It is not 1950's, but rather 1950s. grammar thought of today.

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