we would die without it

May 08, 2008 Candace Morris 2 Comments

in a really round about way - thanks melissa! - i found this amazing paragraph on a blog.

"We don’t write because we’re the best at it. We don’t write because there’s anything new to say that the world hasn’t already heard. Writers, like all artists, indulge in their craft because without it they would wither away into tiny dust clusters. We write because despite all our jadedness and cynicism, we somehow still believe in God and love and beauty and that there really is a reason to be alive and to be alive full-force. We write to write and we write to be read because we hope that maybe the answer to whatever is wrong will be found in the process of talking about it. We use words to say “I’m happy”, “I’m sad”, “I’m in love”, “I’m scared.” And we keep piling up all these words to say those same few human phrases over and over again till one day we get it just right."

My soul learches for you to know, lovelies - that I MUST write. There is no other option for my life.

Thank you for helping me realize this.

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