idea- LINGS?

May 23, 2008 Candace Morris 3 Comments

so, one of the frazillion things bouncing around my mind this week is the idea of a creative space. in my thought-flood last night, i even entertained the idea of renting out a studio for my writing, watercoloring, dreaming, etc. i realize this is an immense expense, but how very amazingly cool woould that be?
and then, wouldn't you know it - sfgirl does a post on creative artisitic spaces. commence drooling here.

in other happs, joel and i have re-established our date nights. last night was our third, and we revisited the Thomas Street Bistro. It is just terribly close and very quiet. He had a crazy day at work, and I am having a crazy life with my bubbly brain and introverted freakishness, so b/w the two of us, we had a lively conversation. This lively conversation continued on our way to the library to pick up some movies - only it turned into a lively argument. I still have no idea how we actually arrived at the words and frustrations buzzed between us like bullets.

somehow we eneded up at the front of the library - and a few minutes later were walking with our arms around each other's waists, laughing at ourselves. knowing that in five minutes, BOTH of us would apologize for what the other was accusing us of - but unable to in the moment because of the accusation.

this is something i am thankful for in my marriage. joel and i have an uncanny ability to bounce back from even the nastiest of situations...and i think because we insisit on clear and honest communication - and that can get so messy sometimes. but i never have to guess with him. and GOD KNOWS, he never has to guess with me. we are working on candace being a little more polite and joel being a little more honest. both come out in rather ugly ways...and thank god we can laugh about it, right?

i love that i have a lifetime (lord willing) relationship with this's bliss and pain and the ultimate human experience, but i especially love it whe he says to me over dinner. "you are the most fascinating person i know."
right back atcha, jhm.

also, i am visually stimulated this morning, and full to the brim of sugar (someone brought dougnuts to work!) and coffeee, so i feel a zillion miles a minute.

see my visual stimulation here: click on all for links to original posting.

my lil sis and her fiancee. click on pic for link to more.



barstools for home!

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