una suprisa

May 16, 2008 Candace Morris 1 Comments

i have never been able to keep a secret.

as a child, my parents decided that because i was willing - i would wrap everyone's christmas presents. i therefore knew what my brother and sisters were all getting every year.

i didn't realize how UN-MAGICAL this was

until one
eful year.

my sister teresa had a bday and i think she wrenched every single one of her presents out of my gift-wrapped hands (included in the list o'presents was the infamous pair of LA Gear that i am pretty sure she gave me and she's pretty sure i stole). but i digress.

that entire birthday was a drag for both her and me.

so when i get presents for people - golly, kids... it's a discipline to keep it inside.

(unless you have a bosom friend who sneaks (aka - accidentally pretends to find while accidentally showing her other friend my profile) her gifts from my feedback on etsy - why do they have to show pictures there?!)

but alas, i didn't buy anything or wrap anything from someone else for you.
this secret of mine? it's a present entirely for me. para mí. pour moi.

but just to tantalize you - it will include before/after pictures.
(nope. guessed wrong. not a boob job. i had to write this because i am very juvenile)

In FACT. just because you are behaving so nicely today, i will include the before picture.
(which, by the way, the taking of made me entirely miss the autobus this morning. i had to (gasp) WALK to work for the first time since i moved and was still 5min late. good thing jesus had shined his eyes upon seattle today with the freaking 84degree weather. seattleites are going to come apart at the seams. i really mean it. some of the freakiest outfits and strangest behavior happens on the first days of summery seattle).

(it's 7:37 and I have to leave at 7:40. in this shot, i am sans shoes, earrings, wedding ring, socks, breakfast, lunch, cellphone, and hair being done - it got curled. i think i ran out the door at 7:47. i still look pretty calm, eh?)

so, catch the after pictures tonight at 11pm!

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