"you and the stars, throwing light"

October 10, 2008 Candace Morris 6 Comments

today is filled with significantly less ranting than yesterday.
AND is, i am deeply elated to report,
no less light-hearted.
i am amused
see? this is my "i am amused" face.
i could just kiss jesus' rainy cheeks for this ease of spirit and good coffee.

i am amused - steamy 70s version
i needed peace.
but how does a girl with too much boredom turn that numbing depression into peaceful boredom?
because both require sitting still.

i'm just sayin'
it's a fine line.

TODAY has held thus:
  • le ditching of my friday "run" with kelly. oooppps. :)
  • le sleeping in until 10:15am.
  • le massage (man it can really pay to sell yourself to the corporate whore)
  • le briskly freeeezing walk to/from massage therapist (oh DELICIOUS COLD)
  • le funky smell in kitchen and quick run to garbage bin
  • le lighting of candles and turning on of Jeff Buckley.
  • le making of apple/cinnamon muffins to find an excuse to load kelly's jam onto it. turns out i burned them, but jam covers a multitude of sins.
  • le brewing of the jesus' personal coffee roaster - Vivace.
  • le pep talk "candace, just relax...do what you want to do - enjoy the moment, stop planning your day."
  • le funny feet situation. i am wearing two different slippers b/c i can't find the matching pair. it's making me snicker.
  • le magical pink light hitting my bedroom floor.
Oct 10- pink light
Hoping today also holds:
  • le watercolor brush in my hand
  • le or maybe deux scalding shower(s)
  • le walk
and that's all i am going to give power to by writing down.


BUT i do have to follow up on a rant of yesterday. remember when i was bitching about the superfluous overuse of le parapluie (i love saying this word. do it. para-plue-eee) in lovely seattle who is sometimes filled with less than lovely weather-appreciators? well, no sooner do i type this thought than i head to my bus stop which is, MIND YOU, underneath a very large and forgiving canopy of trees and it is NOT wet under here.

Because of the ridiculous irony of my example manifesting right before my very eyes, I then HAD to furtively capture it with my iPhone. Note the chick in bare legs and stupid flip flops. It's COLD here folks.

i have decided to love the benevolence of mother nature.
no matter what she brings.

jeff buckley says to you:
"Fall in light, fall in light.
Feel no shame for what you are
As you now are in your blood
Fall in light

Feel no shame for what you are
Feel no shame for what you are
Feel it as a water fall
Fall in light,
Grow in light

Stand absolved behind your electric chair, dancing
Past the sound within the sound
Past the voice within the voice

Leave your office
Run past your funeral
Leave your home, car
Leave your pulpit
Join us in the streets where we
Don’t belong, don’t belong
You and the stars
Throwing light

Fall in light, fall in light fall in light
Grow in light"

"New Year's Prayer"


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