a day to remember

October 15, 2008 Candace Morris 4 Comments

  1. in the wee dark ours of the morning shadows, she incoherently receives kisses from her freshly-cologned husband as he goes to work.
  2. 6:30 am - alarm goes off.
  3. 7:00 am - real alarm goes off.
  4. she takes a shower and wonders why there is plenty of hot water for a shower but NOT ENOUGH FOR the bath the previous night.
  5. she decides what clothes to wear and chooses a pair of paints that have stains from stupid powder laundry detergent - that she may/may not have BORROWED from someone who left it in the laundry room. she then spends way too much time cleaning off said stains.
  6. she gathers her food for the day - banana, odwalla bar, turkey sandwich, and grapes.
  7. she finishes hair and makeup in record time and dashes out the door.

this really is the most energetic part of my day.

  1. she misses her stop on the bus b/c she was stuck reading emails on her iphone and didn't notice her stop. this never happens and she chuckled at getting caught up.
  2. she goes to mailroom first and gets daily papers.
  3. she heads to floor 17 and gets coffee and water ready for her desk breakfast. she eats her banana.
  4. she sits there (makes slideshow for joelio) until 10am and gets mail. she eats odwalla bar.
  5. 12:15 pm. she eats turkey sandwich.
  6. she sits there until 1:45 when she goes to lunch and calls her parrallel-o-friend to return a message. she also talks to jackie and kelly at lunch.
  7. she makes copies and prepares a UPS package.
  8. 4:25pm - she starts blog.
  9. UPS crush comes in at 4:27 "CM! How are you!"
  10. she refills water bottle.
  11. she comes back to desk and sits there until 4:45.

that brings us to now.
hope you are entertained with the MONOTONY OF MY DAYS.
it's gotta end soon.
but today was NOT a waste.
tonight will be good
and i have laughed quite a few times today.

also - there's plenty of wine to be had.
and this makes jesus cry with happiness.


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