passing time and recovery

October 03, 2008 Candace Morris 5 Comments

although it is friday,
(which heretofore has been my "day off,")
i have decided to make up some hours and work.

though i have done nothing worthy of payment.
other than looking fabulous at the front desk,
answering 1 phone call,
organizing my inbox into 3-ring binders,
and collecting the postal mail and papers full of news.

however, i have composed THIS blog today.
and i made sure it took me good and long.


though i am always a proponent for a big, hard cry,
i admit. i don't believe it today.

i am turning me off.
retreating to safety,
shrinking to a manageable size.

i am difficult, say i. (but never BORING, says he.)
i have wounds coursing through my veins
blasting my extremities with a quickening, startling shock.

despite all saints being restored to their
former corners,
an empassioned handshake marking for both the end of the match,
recovery seems out of sight.
sight blinded by swelling.

and i am tired.

bubba, let's go back to this night.
midnight in the true garden
of good and evil.
~a truly sorry me.

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