"i need oh-la--la-la"

September 18, 2008 Candace Morris 8 Comments

happy wednesday eve.
nothing much happens on mondays and wednesdays, don't you think?
so when life brings me a chance to do something out of my normal structure and routine
i admit
i jump at the chance.
provided i have enough time to
for it.

Allison Goldfrapp.
If I had to die and come back as someone contemporary, it would be she.

"And what you thought you
lost was just mislaid
All the poems written in your skin

You know it
You owe it to yourself
You won't let it make you mad
It's already crazy"
a pre-show hydration

allison goldfrapp

vantage point #1

vantage point #2

  • i have never seen knobby knees look so sexy
  • i am in love with the childish way she taps only her big toe to the beat
  • i sneaked up mid-show to see about her shoe situation. no shoes. as it should be.
  • she seems slightly crazy and entirely ageless
  • "you're gorgeous....excuse me as i help myself to me mug of wine..."
  • i now want a spiral perm and a clown costume dress
(please do excuse the terrible quality of the photos. i have a knack for blurryfiying everything, according to a certain mr. clark. :) )

"Walk out into velvet
Nothing more to say
You're my favorite moment
You're my Saturday"

Sunset only seconds
Just ripe then it's gone
Got no new intentions
Just right then it's gone"

and with a spoonful of vanilla bean ice cream and a square of 75% dark chocolate, i am off to bed with hopes for dream of Seventh Tree. But I have to wash off this makeup first. and with that sentiment, i say welcome back, reality.

FIE. why can't the night last longer?


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