the gifts of a thurs morning

September 04, 2008 Candace Morris 9 Comments

things i am reminded of today that please me:
  1. grammar. it's like a beautiful math equation (without the vomiting and panic attacks). newest form of grammatical correctness i am trying to fit into daily speech:

    "hey candi, where's my shoes?"

    "hey, joelio, you mean, 'where ARE my shoes,' right? And they are right where you left them, just behind the mirror in the left hand side of your mother's bathroom. Exactly." (Also note the correct usage of quotation marks and placement of punctuation w/in quotation marks).

    "gee, candi, you's great and good at everything."

    "gee, joelio, you ARE also pretty swell yourself."

  2. the smart warmth of a sassy brown and green number i wore today. also pictured is my keyboard, which i love. (i am a picky dame when it comes to keyboards, and this one makes just the perfect little satisfying click and has just the right amount of light pressure to the key. the one i own at home is like lifting weights with each finger press and is also a cacophony of annoyance to the quiet little corner in which i type while joelio slumbers. i feel like an amazon woman typing).
  3. Random and superfluous use of parenthesis.
  4. Wikipedia! Oh man, I really love this website so much. I ran across a word in Plath's journal's last night that I had seen but forgotten the meaning of which was visigoth, and the dictionary just did not give me enough information or modern uses of the word. Plath used it to infer an ancient germanic, almost tribal connotation - but i would never have known this without Wikipedia. Can I marry it? That would make me a bigamist.
  5. Looking up things on the internet. By things I mean places I plan to go, restaurants, shops, countries. I am grabbing dinner with a former student tonight, so I found the menu and have chosen a well-balanced and responsible dinner choice well before I get to the point in my day that the hypoglycemia morphs me into Rochester's raving lunatic-bride residing in the attic. (I will kiss whomever can guess that literary reference).
  6. Literary references.
  7. Angel food cake, strawberries, and homemade ice cream. My coworker had a bday celebration, and that was the festive faire that has already been ingested this morning. I need to eat something substantial to curb the coffee and sugar, but it was SOO good. I think it's close to my favorite dessert (that is when I am not going mad with "female" issue and joelio has to put my greedy, chocolate-craving hands and arms in a straight jacket).
  8. Walking to work because I missed by bus by 6 minutes. Even better? Walking to work listening to goldfrapp on new iphone - which then reminded me of going to see mz. allison goldfrapp next week, which reminded me of another fun outfit to plan.
  9. joel's parents. they saw me from down the street as i crashed hard off my banana boat bike, came running, picked up my scabbed self, kissed my elbows and knees, carried me into the house, made me cocoa and mashed potatoes, wiped my tears, and sat with me for the rest of the afternoon. it does me well this morning to know that when I scream, my parents will run.
  10. joel's easy-going personality and never-failing support.
  11. 1pm dates for tea.
  12. Over-the-knee socks.
  13. Really kind words from faces I have never seen.
  14. Planning my weekend.
  15. Finny's blog. I don't know her, but that biatch is HILARIOUS.

Things that displease my self this am:

  1. Peach skin....cringe.
  2. Bangs in eyes.
  3. Condescension from co-workers.
  5. Customer service at, from whom I bought a gift card for my niece's 14th bday - online. URG.
  6. Runny brown eyeliner.
  7. How my boots feel on my thigh when I cross my legs.

7 to 16 is not bad. Perhaps this win on the part of the positive is why I feel not too bad. Not too bad at all.


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