weekend report

July 18, 2010 Candace Morris 3 Comments

Ah...another Sunday night with heavy eyelids and weary limbs.  I've just enjoyed the euphoria that is the post-camping shower.  All the gear is washed and put away and we've managed to start a few loads of laundry.  Oh the work of camping...but I do love it so.  It's like playing house, for grown ups!

It was such a wonderful weekend to camp, perfect weather and downright delightful company.  Little lady Clara did wonderfully...quite pleasantly tempered, as usual.  

Many a campfire was made and enjoyed.  Many a moment was spent sitting and contemplating above.

I do hope you have enjoyed your summer thus far.  It has been grand for our little family, despite so many things to decide and so many ponderings to keep our minds anxious and stressed.  Our lives are yet again on the brink of great changes and we find ourselves with the potential of another move.  

But alas, this week I shall cast aside these momentary worries in lieu of party dresses and birthday bubbly.  Happy 32nd Bday to me on Wednesday!  I have a lunch planned with the girls at Le Pichet, a massage, a writing date alone, maybe a play date with the saint and sister, and have purchased for myself one of my favorite prints.

Isn't it so cheeky?!

many more pictures of camping to come!

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