For the love of change

July 30, 2010 Candace Morris 3 Comments

My life has changed considerably in the last few months, and though I am recovering a new one, I realized that I had let some of the most simple pleasures become forgotten.  

I write letters.
One, two, twenty per month.

A lovely piece of correspondence arrived this week from my friend oversees and it inspired my instantly to write her back.  I used to save my writing for coffee shops and cafes, but since getting there is now a bit more challenging and dependent on many factors to plan around, I decided to just write her back right then and there. I grabbed my camping chair, planted myself on the lawn,  found a plain pad of paper and wrote, and wrote, and wrote. 

Sometimes waiting for the stars to align so that we can actually DO what we enjoy
just isn't worth the wait.

And so I go about redefining my days.  Finding ways to schedule the things that make me ME have never felt so important.  Things change.  I can change with them.

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