Abracadabra Camping

July 15, 2010 Candace Morris 3 Comments

I'm not sure which I like more, camping...or the prep work for camping. To many of you this may sound insane, but I derive a great sense of well-being when planning ahead and thinking of little ways to suprise my family with treats.

I am definetly that girl that wants to pull the forgotten rabbit out of my proverbial top hat.

It may look something like this:
Joel: "Aw, Candi, we should have brought blank."
Candace: "I did, dummy! Voila!"

I like to call it
 domestic magic.
Prepping hard-boiled eggs 
(the saint helps)

Stuffing peaches with butter and brown sugar.  Wrapping them in foil to throw into the coals.

Cutting up watermelon and snatching bites intermittently.

Making rice crispy treats.  I see the saint has also helped here.

Cleaning and taking inventory of all the gear.

It's exhausting work!
(It's also quite nice that we forget how much work it is every year)

Have a great weekend!
We're off tomorrow to get intimate with Mt. Rainier.

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