More Birthday Reporting...

July 24, 2010 Candace Morris 4 Comments

On my actual birthday, I met a few girlfriends (and Ben, who counts as a girlfriend anyway) for lunch at Le Pichet.  I absolutely adore this restaurant, but had only been there alone one summer day to write and grab a quick bowl of soup, so wanted to revisit it for a special occasion.  I was also quite excited for the opportunity to finally reveal the dress I made for myself last year, but was waiting for the appropriate time.  What other way to celebrate yourself than to wear something you made?  This dress is constructed from Joel's grandmother's pattern, and I felt her spirit with me all day.  It felt VERY good.

After a wonderful lunch of falafel on a watermelon salad, followed by a pesto/goat cheese soup, I took myself to a massage at Cortiva Institute.  I love this place because you can grab a student massage for $35, and the therapists are every bit as good as graduated students.

I knew after a day out on the town, I would be too tired to go out for dinner, so Joel decided to make me dinner. When I requested cheeseburgers, he laughed.  "Really?" For your birthday dinner?"  So he did it...but oh that saint is SUCH an idealist.  He decided to make his own rolls, which took 2 hours to rise (during which I took a nap, read a book, took a bath).  He made his own ketchup, his own mayo, his own andouille for the belgian fries.  It was all  RIDICULOUSLY tasty, even if we didn't eat until 10pm! ;)

Afterwards, we enjoyed the requested Rainbow Chip birthday cake that my sister whipped up.  I fell into bed exhausted from the love I knew surrounded me.

And it's not over.
Even if you're tired of hearing about it.
Joel and Teresa are taking me to the Intiman to see "Ruined" next week. I LOVE going to plays, so we'll grab dinner and the theater and have an evening out as well.  Seattle-ites, have a restaurant recommendation for Queen Anne?

Le Perfect.

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