hot town...summer in the country

July 08, 2010 Candace Morris 0 Comments

Well, finally. Sheesh Seattle, way to string us along this year.
June was very cold and very rainy...and the first week of July portended similarly.  

But it turns out that the rest of July is looking quite HOT.
There are a few things this arrival of summer means.
the long dreaded fashioning my favorite jeans into shorts
(five years is quite some go!)

iced coffee

although it's only 80-85 degrees outside, my poorly insulated residence will register in the upper 90s.
for some reason, Seattle was poorly planned in two areas:
a) public transit
b) no A/C in houses
it's just completely asinine.

shaving my legs
please do not cringe, but i rarely need shave due to the most fine blonde hair a girl could grow on her legs

scouring my pocketbook to afford an outdoor fire pit

if i were still residing in the city, Thomas Street Park would be covered in bikinis.
promptly 6 hours later, Broadway would be covered in sundresses and abused skin

my birthday
(have i mentioned it already?)


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