A Birthday Poem, for me.

July 21, 2010 Candace Morris 5 Comments

This poem appeared in my inbox this week.  One of my very best friends wrote it in honor of my 32nd anniversary of birth.   These are the gifts I truly relish.

 The Age Scout

It may only be 3 months and 24 days,
But it is an aging advantage nonetheless.
You go before us like an ambassador
Of life's progress.
Like the emboldened kid who drew the short straw
And is therefore obliged to peek into the livingroom
And hail the "all-clear" with a nod, a whisper and a wave.
Like the determined hiker steering the group
With a map and a second wind,
You crown the summit ahead of us and survey the
Panorama with a slow stare from East to West.
We look up at you, watching your shoulders
Bear the heaving sigh of yet another apex mounted.
We steer by you.
We rely upon your forward march.
We gladly send you ahead
And tremulously, we follow.

~jessica m. gomes

It really touched me, plus I think she's a kick-ass writer.  Don't you?
Words are just the best.

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