It's that time of year again...Photo Collaborations

July 05, 2010 Candace Morris 3 Comments

No, not JUST my birthday month (see sidebar for  my wish lists), but I've been all kinds of itchy to start yet another Flickr photo collaboration (we've done it before, and again here, and here).

One theme has been reemerging in my life over and over,
and so I think it's time to treat it right and give it some air time.
hard to know what it is
if you've never had one.
i can't say where it is
but i know i'm going
( U2 )

I have such an amazing blogging community and I've had dreams about meeting you all, taking you into my home, mixing you a beverage, and gabbing with you until we know each other as well as our blogs do.  since this not a practical possibility, perhaps we can invite each other into our homes via our cameras.

now this is not just for photographers or people who blog.
just snap a picture,
upload it here,
look at other people's uploads,
comment on them,
and find great pleasure in artistic and meaningful collective.

it's truly that simple.

now i know there are a SLEW of you who've quietly stalked these picture groups,
but never felt you could participate because of time, technology, or temper.
but i assure you,
there are no requirements, no deadlines, no expectation.
you have to have or create a flickr account,
but you don't even have to reveal yourself as you if you don't wish.

i'll be posting roughly one picture per day
(hell, who am i kidding, probably more)
but YOU can do whatever YOU want.

i want it be a time of soulful reflection.
truly, what does HOME mean to you?

Emily Dickinson says, "Where thou art - that is home."
It is my personal quest to try and find what it is about my home and hearth that makes me me.
Is it really the externals?
My favorite mug, my ability to stay in PJs all day, my fuzzy kitty?
Or is it ME?
Can I create a home wherever I land?
And if I can't, what does that mean?

Of course, your quest need not be so existential.

There is nothing like staying home for real comfort.
( Jane Austen )

Who is with me?
The group is called "In Search of Home."
JOIN me for the month of July.
It could be a birthday present to yours truly.

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