"only the trying..." T.S. Eliot

May 07, 2009 Candace Morris 9 Comments

without even really meaning for it to be the goal, i have noticed a pattern forming. i keep trying new things! two weeks ago, i tried a new recipe. last week, i bought a cardigan that has a pattern. this week i touched charcoal to paper for the first time.

oh what inner bliss. i had been experiencing frustrations with the small details and intricate moves of watercolor paintbrushes. an artist (who is a natural-born teacher) suggested i try charcoal on a really big surface. it was very liberating, and i was deeply healed by how entirely forgiving charcoal is.

tonight, i plan to begin making my own dress from grandma's vintage pattern. joelio's mom helped me pick out the material and will be officially teaching me how to sew clothes.

oh how GOOD it is for the soul to try...

*note. i did not draw the man. that was the saint. i cannot draw things that actually resemble anything else...YET (more on the power of "yet" soon.)

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