everyday cake and the great frosting debaucle

April 29, 2009 Candace Morris 10 Comments

somewhere in between walking home from french class and piles of unfolded laundry to put away, this girl got a hankering for cake. i debated walking up to grab a cupcake somewhere, but felt lazy and knew i would buy a bottle of wine in addition, thus doubling my expense and caloric intake for the evening.

then i remembered something i had read earlier. the lovely miss molly from orangette published a post today about this easy bake cake or every day cake or something like that. i remember thinking it looked pretty easy, so i sat down at my computer to check the ingredients.
Orangette's Everyday Cake
everyday cake

although she recommended whole wheat flour, i only had white and figured it would suffice. i was not about to let some damned variety of flour get in the way of my craving, so i printed out the recipe, kissed the saint goodnight (did i mention it was 11pm), and got to work.

butter and sugar
blending the butter and sugar base
how can it possibly go wrong with these two as the base ingredients?

add the eggs, one by one
adding eggs to butter mixture

baking soda addition
in another bowl, combining flour, baking soda, salt, and nutmeg

blending dry mixture
blending this mixture

the two will combine
the two bowls about to combine

as i blended these two mixtures together, it suddenly occurred to me that i had never made a cake entirely from scratch before. i suppose i am now a woman.

the epiphany 7
the epiphany

taste test 8
this mix is seriously way too good

in its right place 9
happily safe in my (fortuitously newly bought) springform pan

once this lovely was placed in the oven, i pondered what to do next.
i consulted another opinion:

did i want a cake without frosting? the recipe didn't call for any toppings, but i was really wanting some frosting.

to frost or not to frost? 10
to frost or not to frost...

so i went ahead and melted the butter, chocolate, and milk in a saucepan.
frosting beginnings 11
frosting beginnings
let's just pause here for a moment because this is the last i saw of edible frosting

damned non-sifted sugar 12

what a waste! i threw the frosting down the drain and did the dishes while i waited for the cake to finish baking. after 20 minutes, i pulled it out and tented it so as not to burn the top. after another 15 min, i took it out and it was perfect!

after another 20 minutes of cooling, i tasted it. OH SO GOOD. i actually think this would have been ruined by chocolate frosting (if you can imagine such blaspheme) for it is much more a "afternoon tea cake" than a decadent dessert.

under this definition, i was able to justify having another piece before i went to bed (with port) and can foresee a similar justification for breakfast (with coffee).

kicking ass with cake,

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