To take care of yourself: The proposition

May 21, 2009 Candace Morris 10 Comments

I've been noticing it more than ever lately,
seeing it rear its ugly head in
negative internal words
desire to control
anxious insecurity

And women tend to be the worst.

I'm talking about taking care of yourself.

Why is it that we are so quick to reassure our friends of their talents, beauty, sexiness, and intuition than we are to our own selves? Throughout the last three years of my own journey to take care of my soul, I've noticed that I am a much better friend to others than to myself. This has been noticed and I've put effort into telling myself to be kind to me, to say what I would say to someone I really loved.

And isn't that the key? A true, spiritual, humble, brilliant self-love? Christians hate this if loving ourselves were akin to blaspheme. I must confess that since starting this journey, my relationship with the divine has been at peace entirely. He, like a real father, couldn't be more happy to see me being ME in all confidence and beauty, since that is after all exactly what I was created for.

Devon brought up a question last night. She mentioned not knowing what she would say if God asked her "What have you done for me." As I was washing my face for bed, I thought that I would say, "I have been the Candace you created me to be." I can imagine no other answer that would bring such joy to him.

If I couldn't answer, I would put my friends, sisters, family, and students in front of God to speak for what I had done. After all, they are better at showing us off than we our ourselves.

So to these thoughts, I make a proposition of all who want to participate. For one week, I will be keeping a list of ONE thing I did for ME that day. It can be absolutely anything as long as for 1 moment in the day, you feel fabulous and pampered. I will post my daily pampering here, and hope that you will do the same in the comments or on your own blog. If you aren't comfortable sharing publicly, shoot me an email. I plan to start Monday, May 25. At the end of the week, I will compile a list of each day so we can all look back, STUDY, and learn.

I am hoping that this community will not only give us good ideas on pampering in simple, daily ways, but will also give us fuel to fight in the battle to care for yourself.

Fight for me, and I'll fight for you.
Maybe eventually we'll learn from each other,

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