Ode to the women who make it all possible...

May 10, 2009 Candace Morris 3 Comments

Happy Mother's Day to all of you hard-working, always-loving, forever-sacrificing procreators out there. To the mothers of small children, I send strength, encouragement, and frozen moments of unparalleled bliss. You are heroic to me.

And to MY mums...

jean and joel
jean and joel

to a woman who loves her children with such a nurturing, intelligent, abundantly-trusting love...
who loves what i love just because she loves me so much...
from the friends we have to the projects we pursue,
you are ever a loving and true example.

mary and candace
mary and candace

to a woman who knows me as no one else does...
as a child.
to you i say how happy i am to be a part of you.
a superb and unparalleled listener
whose heart is full of the brightest good.

to you all,
i love you with great admiration.


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