Self-Care Challenge Day Three

May 27, 2009 Candace Morris 5 Comments

It's getting harder to fit in the self-pampering, isn't it? As the week wears on, I find myself busier and if I have not planned indulgence, it will never happen.

Or will it?

I was thinking today that another benefit of this self-care challenge is that even if we cannot fit something seriously indulgent into the day, we start to come to awareness of how we have managed to care for ourselves already without even knowing it. The not knowing can become problematic because if we are not cognating on how we treat ourselves, we are apt to either grossly abuse or overly-indulge. For instance, today I had a cupcake with one of my tutee's as her 16th bday present, and now I am ready to pamper myself with another dessert. In the long run (and especially since I have spent since June of 07 working my ass off to loose 20 lbs), this is not pampering. If I had decided earlier in the day that the cupcake was my indulgence, I would have slowed down, savored each bite, moaned, relaxed, and enjoyed it fully. There are ways we think we are caring for ourselves that are sometimes the very opposite (doing yoga tonight instead of dessert) is what will translate into my subconscious as self-care. "Your body is the carrier of this beautiful deserves to feel good too."

For you? Hell, it may be having another cupcake. But at least a new part of the battle is illuminated...thinking about how and what truly feeds your soul.

Though I hadn't planned for today's self-care to be drinks with my soul-friend Ben, I realize now that I will be happy the rest of the night, fulfilled, satisfied in his company and in me allowing myself that leisure time connecting to a friend with whom I will grow old.

Day Three: German Pub with Ben

Is it getting harder for you?


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