Day Two

December 02, 2008 Candace Morris 5 Comments

i have made no time for reading or writing lately.
in this, i feel a bit like an unpeeled orange.
bitter on the outside.
sweet & sour on the inside
{for those who dare peel}

well the one i am daring to peel me...

i love how art anchors me.
i must have words (written or read) in some shape or form
in order to balance the chaos that is
a rather, well,
unhappy candace
(oh melancholy fall - have your way with me).

i will read.
i will write.

i will

December Two
Dear Hands

December Two (2)
spiced, silent, safe

December Two (3)

(i was about to apologize for the three photos again. i will not do this anymore...i cannot stop up what seems to flow so languidly through the crooks and crannies of my terrain.)

~peace be with you,

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