happy {crappy} christmas decor

December 09, 2008 Candace Morris 7 Comments

last night, joel and i finally dug out some old christmas decor. just like last year, i hated everything i pulled out of the plastic storage bins. however, i applied my mother's insane ability to decorate with knick-knacks and busted out a cosy christmas reprieve (i am not usually allowed this privilege because of my minimalist and dominating husband. poor me. he is very scary).

December Eight (2)

but we made a night of it, a dinner of tomato soup and homemade husband focaccia bread, some lovely christmas music...and miracle of miracles...this foreign place feels slightly more like us - now that our christmas crap, ahem, decor is out and enjoying some breath.
December Eight
the house was illuminated with warm cinnamon light.
joel fell asleep early on the couch, and i suddenly realized...

i was engrossed.
time passed and i didn't plan, calculate, keep track, or even notice.
a moment of relief for which i am deeply grateful.
i don't take light-heartedness well, lightly.
December Eight (3)

in other news, please do not buy me anything for christmas.
i mean it.

(but if you need a few ideas...click on pic for where to buy)
~ the duchess du whit

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