The present of week two : december evenings

December 15, 2008 Candace Morris 2 Comments

welcome to the end of week two of the december evening's project. it has been so magical to see into everyone's night lives. we are in celebration of our various weathers, moods, colors, and festivities.

here are a few of my favorites (click for credits):
(see entire group pool here)

portrait of the nightself: week two
portrait of the nightself

catch and release: black and white in week two
catch and release the black and white
can you believe it's only December 15? with the hustle and bustle, it feels like January is knocking hard, but in actuality we are only half way through advent. i often feel like december gets put on a conveyor belt and we are responsible to grab the moments - only there is no time to sit and examine our new gift - only a panic to grab as many meaningful moments as they pass by us with dizzying speed.

deep breaths and eggnog swigs.
it will all get done.

homesick here and there, no matter the destination
someone will sew up the fractured called family.

choose wisely.
stop wildly grabbing everything.
one moment may be all....

yesterday I found the present.
A hot eucharist swallow of humility and mercy,
a blessing, a lifting of shamed chin, the gift of less of me.

"you are not alone."

Today my soul finds comfort in my God (a rare delight. Like Turkish deeeelight.)
~with gratitude.

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