le whooooosh

December 01, 2010 Candace Morris 7 Comments

Do you hear it?
 That would be the sound of November rushing by.

Bienvenue Décembre.

What do you hold?
I asked you last night.

Thus far, you've answered with:
  1. A frantically late morning that turned into waiting for the next bus which turned into a frothy cappuccino.
  2. December Evenings: Take 2 - a photo collaboration hosted by my friend Chris.  Wanna join?


  3. A new poetry obsession.  Can you guess what it is from the picture above?
  4. Greasy and delightful chicken chow mien leftovers.
  5. The promise of an evening pint in a dark pub.


Time passes on the right,
Cuts me off.
Doesn't bother to signal.
I curse.

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