the gifts of the shadows

December 14, 2008 Candace Morris 2 Comments

it always takes me until midnight to find my day.
with the dip of the sun below the sea, i finally find the appropriate use for the sand particles stuck in my shell from the previous night's extroversion.

emerge, pearl.
i beg you.

all day.
i beg.
and bitch like hell.

until then.
i stop laboring.
i bask instead in the knowledge of being known, and in the return of truly knowing.
nothing fake. nothing polite. nothing small.
instead, the talk is big.

the biggest it's been.

someday, i swear - god will appear and all of my internal dialogue will finally end for the glory of something other.
December Thirteen (5)

but until then, i bask in the history of repelling the small talk and embracing the big.

the history of our hugeness.

in this grandeur,
i stop trying.

a profound friendship.


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