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July 01, 2008 Candace Morris 4 Comments

I have been remiss in posting for a day (gasp) because 1- i didn't feel like it and 2- i was waiting on some pictures from my computer which i have to access remotely because we are housesitting and yet still my server is giving me an error message. superflous, yes, but you must understand the technology through which i must sift in order to blog. i love you, techo geek.

Anyway, the following pictures I have had since sunday night, but didn't blog with because I was also waiting for some camping pictures I took. Superflous, I know but sometimes I have no filter in the details.

In fact, this is why I hate telling stories. I have no ability in my mind to sift out the magical from the mundane. To me, WHO washed the dishes and what we had for dinner and how we made it and the moods we were in were just as important as the hilarious one thing that happened after we sat down to eat. Little details are important to paying bills and picking up dishes...these tasks swarm around in my head like a crazed bees in search for a new queen. And since I usually don't want to do much talking in groups anyway, I always want to say it in the fewest words possible. The filter that I lack makes this impossible and I just end up annoying myself.
Ah, but yet again, I digress.

So here are the pictures. We had Ladies Night #3, which the illustrious miss niki hosted. The theme was to be children for the night, so we went to the beach and bbq'd to start.
Funny story here. We had a bbq and charcoals, but no matches anywhere (what is the POINT, I ask, of a big purse unless it has things like this? I was soo disappointed in myself!) So I totally just summoned my courage and asked this guy who was using a similar device just steps beyond us. In fact, in the pic above, you can see him just aperched my left (your right) shoulder. He loaned me his lighter fluid and lighter - and in this pic you can see me reading the lighter fluid instructions. It would have been SOOO great had I been able to figure this out myself (none of us knew what we were doing, and this was a great surprise, friends...knowing these overly-resourceful and independent women) and I refrained at least twice from calling joel (and at least seven times from throwing a fit and being pissed off that he never taught me how to do this then realizing how inappropriate it was to be mad at him and then being pissed that my dad never taught me how to do this and then choking abandonment issues covered in bile), and instead just tried it myself. It totally WOULD have worked (had I known what I was doing), but instead I had to trek back and ask to re-borrow the supplies I had already returned - and the lovely guy instead offered help (all the while making sure we got to save face "i didn't want to offended by offering my help" as if we were crazy suffragettes anxious to pounce on any male who said we didn't have balls). Anyway, it was quite an adventure, and know i know how to use charcoal!

More pics of the enchanting evening:

Kelly, Jessica, The Olympics, Puget Sound, and my Sun

Niki, Sunglasses, Jess, Rocky Shore

Sun-kissed Niki

Polynesian goddesss

I couldn't stop shooting her

This one is for brad, who always loves these self-shots I take. he he.

The bbq fiasco - turned into the most sumptuous kabobs!

My Jessica, from my Kelly's lense

Taken by the artist

My elbow never looked so good

Braids for the beauty of red and green

After the beach, these girls went to Baskin Robbins and got the cones our parents never gave us. And prompty got sick on way too much ice cream.

Afterwards, we went back to Niki's and shared our favorite childhood books:





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