it has not come to pass...

July 02, 2008 Candace Morris 1 Comments

i am happy to report that sunday's portent has not unfolded as predicted. i do not feel as i thought i would all week. for this, i am remembering there must be a benevolent god helping to even out my moods.

i have spent the morning in happy digital productivity. i enjoyed some time with books and wrote about it on the bookling blog, and then set to work on the newest project: a collaboration design blog of kelly and mine (we are hoping this might be our money maker!) called Visually Ink Lined. It's a quippy conversation b/w two friends that I think people can really enjoy as it has all the elements of great design and writing but a voyeuristic aspect instead where you get to overhear our conversation. I love reading it and hope you can too! :)

in my recent inner life, i have been noticing a welcome and pleasant change.

all of a sudden, i can cook. i don't know when or how it happened, but the other night, joel was unable to cook as he usually can (hadn't eaten in 6 hours - and was glazed over with hypoglycemic shock), and because he has been so overly busy at work - i am finding that i can come into the kitchen and get out a very decent meal. He grilled Salmon, I made the Rice Pilaf, salad, and broccoli. This may/may not count as cooking to you, but I was so proud not only of my spontaneity (usually a meal that good would have to be carefully planned), quality (it was really good), and presentation (this has always been my strong suit - details, details, details). Not only CAN i cook, but i am more interested in cooking and gathering recipes and basic ideas. I have been thoroughly enjoying making the menu for camping next week. i have even given my jackie some ideas for her camping trip and i am usually NOT an idea girl!
i am also noticing that i am getting a sharper eye for color, design, and art in general. my guru, umberdove, has really inspired this process, and both niki, ben, and devon really feed this for me. i have also been assisted by reading Apartment Therapy and a lot of blogs (design sponge, sfgirlbybay) which really help me learn about design.

my craft of writing is brimming and bubbling over and i cannot contain it. i must purchase a typewriter and pipe.

i love approaching 30 (19 days, gasp!) and feeling like i am ever anew, growing changing...hopefully becoming the me that i was destined for and still enjoying the me i currently am - which is also destiny.

oh bright coincidence
oh divine sky-dweller
i succumb, i swoon, i whimsy along your labyrinth
give me back my breath, make me bold as orange; fragrant as pink peony.
confidence colour, self-deprecation wilted.

i am starving. i promised to take myself out to lunch - hmmm, what will it be today? a chop chop salad, a polish sausage, a sandwich? yes, i am feeling tuna sandwhichy.

i do love you.

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