nothing, nada, zilch.

July 16, 2008 Candace Morris 0 Comments

i have nothing left to give today
for the anxiety eats me to my end

that is...except more pictures, always i have more pictures
- but this time from my friends.
lest you think i am a glutton.

i love this one.
(this was my attempt at building a fire.
it didn't go too well.
do you feel like you went camping with us? next time you should).

Joel and I had a lovely and much needed evening together. We took our whole foods picnic to Gas Works Park, where we saw a marching band, french tourists taking pictures of the skyline, and kites galore. We then headed to Fred Meyer for more camping gear - as we are off on our solo camping trip this weekend ( i sure camp a lot for a girl who doesn't camp. :)).

On our way home, we had the windows down and enjoyed easy laughter.

so while Joel clinks about in the other room with the camping gear, i hear little else save my now, my bath and book.

sleep well.

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