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July 08, 2008 Candace Morris 7 Comments

i have posted a new bookling's blog, and you really ought to read it.

i have been reminded lately of some thoughts on writing - thanks plume! she reminded me of a fun fact about Sylvia Plath and her daily writing goals (oh this sends me on a rabbit trail of thoughts - just wondering what it must have been like to live in a house with another writer who is my spouse/mentor/teacher and be constantly pressured and inundated with your craft - this seems like it would not foster an atmosphere of artistic creativity) were to hand write, front to back 4 pages a day.

i do write daily, but certainly not that much - and i have lately been frustrated with HAND writing anything. i think in keyboard now...and on saturday with joel napping along side me, i sat in my bed and wrote in my journal for the first time since January (oh poor journal, i have been so painfully remiss in my devotion to you). the entries have been 6-8 months apart, whereas just 4 years ago, i journaled at least three times a week.

but i digress.

i sat on my bed journaling - and i just really struggled to find my normal voice. i am now unfairly comparing it to blogging, and perhaps this should not be. i think the compulsion to blog is enhanced by the "publish" button and an audience. but this seems odd to me because i often write in my journals with that same voice and same sense of audience.

but you know what it is, really? i think i am just terribly, horribly , tragically




this laziness will be quite stripped of me due to the woods being an ill place for a computer. i am therefore reduced (though not so!) to actual pen to paper....because, after all - this will be my inspiration:

above photo totally pilfered from the dearest of old dear friends - Karen & Steve's website...pictures of their Maui trips.

i know you are rapt with curiosity
i can never tell you the secret words of my journal pages
- they are so naughty and cross you will be shocked
and never believe it to be from such a sweet
1 more sleep until i camp with 12 other crazies...ahem, friends.

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