giftlings galore 2.0

July 24, 2008 Candace Morris 3 Comments

i am officially ashamed of how spoiled i am.
but not ashamed enough to not list them shamelessly for the world wide web to see.

(but just so you know, my birthdays are usually not such an affair to remember!
lest you begin to love me less due to my ever-increasing popularity :) )

12. Niki got me the cutest two pair of earrings from her favorite boutique - and they dangled gracefully in my happy ears yesterday...oh how i swoon over anything turquoise. Great job picking those out, my little timid one.

13. A beautiful cake from Jess and an outing tonight with our men to a wine tasting event.
14. OH MY GOD A FIRST EDITION EAST OF EDEN WHICH ARRIVED YESTERDAY IN THE MAIL ALONG WITH MY TEARS OF INCREDULITY. This was sent from my sister Teresa who must have simply dug into her soul and found what she wanted and then knew I would as well.

15. Something sneaky came for Joel from amazon, and since I was instructed NOT to open any mail addressed to JOEL, I sat patiently staring at the package while I waited for him to return from the chiropractor. We then left immediately for our date w/ Jason and Devon and I looked back longingly at this package, wondering what it was. When we got home, as joel and i wiggled into our evening with cuddles and laughter, he told me that this little package I was eyeing was only a little part of the big gift still coming. When I whined about waiting the two weeks that it would take to come in the mail, I found myself vacillating between wanting to wait (i am a pleasure delayer with gifts) and wanting to know! So I very obstreperously demanded to know my gift from joel.

OH MY GOD I AM GETTING AN IPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love techy toys and am very excited about this new little gadget - though I will for sure be the trendiest wendy on the block (this does not excite me). To this thought, joel responded "Well, it's trendy for a reason." So I am just super duper excited about this. It really does solve a lot of practical problems we have been having with our current phones...(aka, we don't get a signal in our apartment) and also my broken ipod.

I have often wished that I could give people my shopping list or to do list and as a bday present, they go around checking those things off. Basically, I want a butler/pool boy/personal shopper/maid.

But it's so great to have a gift that has checked off a great many things on my household to do list. It solves our cell phone dilemma, my ipod dilemma, my wireless dilemma, and since it can also clean houses, shop for me, cure aids, and end world hunger, turns out i never have to get off my ass again. What a guy, no?

16. We went to drinks with Devon and Jason and had a lovely time chatting and eating some yummy foods at The Saint. She then bestowed such fabulousness on me! We got a bottle of wine from their recent wine tasting jaunt down to Sonoma..woo hoo!! And then....HAH, this is the reward for most clever gift...she gave me this four-pack of soda can looking things but instead it has sparkling white wine in them. It's like a celebration to-go pack! And since they look like any random energy drink, you could totally get wicked shit-faced at work!! (not that I plan on doing this, believe me, I lack the serious cajones needed to break such rules). But man, aren't they so cute?!

and THEN, as if those two things weren't totally awesome enough, D painted a poem for me that I swear to god she could sell on etsy. It is the perfect finish to my collection of watercolors on bookpaper and this one is more special than the two I bought because I know and love this girl. I should have taken a picture of it for you.


(except for crocheted potholders...i may fake it when i open it, but god, i hate them. funny about that...i gave crocheted potholders to people for christmas four years ago when i just learned to crochet and thought i was the shit. oh, and we were dirt poor. the year before, i think i gave the extended family some tangerines. well, anyway, thank you, everyone who got one, for being so gracious and pretending to enjoy such LAME ASS GIFTS).

17. Money from my momma came today and I will probably deposit it today and then grab some hair product I have been eyeing.

though i am grateful beyond measure
the attention can be a bit overwhelming
for this introverted gal...
its hard to be on stage
and have no beat to dance to
with nothing/no one to tell me how to act.
but i am very, very, very
happy to know that i am
on this journey to discovering
and isn't that was celebrating age is all about?
the tangible knowledge that you need not fear
that others will casually take no notice
when you inevitably fall?
instead, i have been conviced this week
that they will
decorate you in their jewels
sing your praises with cakes and laud
paint up your face
and tell you again
just once more
that the years have been kind
and to get up and walk again because
and their confidence in you
is enough
to make up for the confidence
you have lost in yourself.

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