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May 02, 2008 Candace Morris 0 Comments

mmmmmornin'. golly, that 10min bus ride really wiped me out...

thank the jesus it's gonna be 5:00pm in 8 hrs. then i can:


also, i get my internet back at home today - and this is good for you because i am a night owl my dears, like this little lady - stolen from the internet because i am without my technology right now.

(this is to represent me at night. only please add a computer. thank you.)

and when your inspiration and soul bursts into being only in the pm, it's rough to not have the internet to outlet. i SUPPOSE i could do as i have always done and actually journal on paper - but then i would just be feeding MY soul - and what would happen to yours, dear ones?

in fact, it's quite strange for me to be posting at (sigh) 8:26am. It makes no logical sense to be inspired by this view,

but alas - despite being full of spite because i had to actually get out of bed, i find that the morning can be a bit of a task master - therefore, i can blog. task mode, check it off my list, you get the picture. also, i am really bored at work. there are three people here, and it's this is entertaining me as well.

one exciting change into my new place is the proximity to a farmer's market (well, to kelly - who went to the market FOR me last week!), and we enjoyed some amazingly delicious arugula salads this week, and today friends...i am eating a lovely apple for breakfast. it's gorgeous- only i now wish i would have saved it for baking or a salad because it's decidedly tart! see the amazing picture i took with my phone?

so i have a lovely story to share.

i walked to the chiropractor after work yesterday - and basically i am in bad shape. my neck is in the red zone, and it's called the red zone because that's bad. just to clarify.

so i was walking home feeling achy from the adjustment and texted my husband that i was on my way (5 min walk! :) ) and was also starving. we had just completed our first grocery trip to TJ's the night before, so I was expecting to stay home and scrounge through boxes to find things to eat on. well my love decided to surprise me with reservations at this place i have been walking by every day and just dying to try.

do you know why i was dying to try this aforementioned place? the windows. yes. that is correct. how a window can reflect the quality of an eating establishment is beyond me, but my soul knew, damn it. and i was NOT disappointed.

chez gaudy is this speak-easy type italian mobster chill place (i am so starting a career in eloquent restaurant reviews) that felt like home. greg, the gm, remembered our names, sat and chatted with us about the history of the place, and gave us a ton of room to just sit and be. we sat in front of the aforementioned (twice, i know) windows and breezed away our thursday evening, basking in the warm glow of seattle's benevolent sunset. i do fully endorse this restaurant, and cannot wait to take my loved ones there. plus, it's 3 blocks from my front door, so we certainly enjoyed more libations that we would have if someone had to actually drive one of those things ...what are they called again?

the end. isn't it lovely? so thursday night is officially reinstated as the joel and candace date night.

so i am really looking forward to this weekend. i am finally back to par for nesting motivation, which means i will happily unpack my new apartment.

may your coffee, green tea, or water guide you happily through your morning and

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