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May 13, 2008 Candace Morris 4 Comments

in an effort to reacquaint myself with me today (i've been so busy, dear hearts), i irresponsibly ditched my job today (i am SOO out of PTO), and took a day just to be.

that day turned into errands, but dears - the errands were just what this gal needed. i sold off some old booklings - and discovered two new ones for my family.

you know, the internet made me forget that i don't actually own any Matthew Arnold. Matthew Arnold, the Victorian poet, wrote one of the poems that was read aloud at my wedding, but i didn't realize that i didn't own the book (gasp) until i came across it at the store. if i need to read the buried life i usually just look it up online. (if you take time to read it, please especially note lines 12-29..which were the lines read aloud at my nuptials). .

i am proud to say that i have corrected this grievous error

after i did that, i had to run to our old place for some things, and i realized how ugly it was. :) don't get me wrong, i knew it then, but it was my home - and i made it just that. now that i have moved on and grieved appropriately, i feel so enchanted with my lovely new home. see below for the before/after affect.

(old place)

(new place)
pretty amazing transformation, eh? just call me Houdini.

(me in front of new place- in the park across the street)

I also checked out my local branch of the public library. I am a very avid user of the Seattle public library system - it's my own personal netflix. I walked to the Capitol Hill branch today, and boy was I pleasantly surprised by the beauty of the building. Damn, just keep taking the breath out of me.

i have some poems inkling around my brain...thanks to the creative energy felt at tice and niki's. i leave there feeling like the next generation of creative collaborators. i ask you - are my dreams possible?

whether or not you discover me; whether or not you pay me...i will write. it is not my choice. it is my destiny.

also, i leave you with this thought.
(bff. you move my aches to joy)

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