election time

May 20, 2008 Candace Morris 5 Comments

not to be a negative nancy, but today and the last month has reminded me why i chose to live 28 years in cynicism.

because in the last two years, with getting all healthy and shit, i have found some child-like hope.

but hoping hurts. it hurts real bad. (or really badly if you care)

so you tell me what the freaking heck i should do with my life. the following represents a list of passions and interests - in no particular order of importance - that could save my soul from this 8-5 death:

  1. hair dresser
  2. writer/editor
  3. therapist - study of psychology (already tried this - denied)
  4. literature - teaching (already tried this - denied)
  5. bookstore owner
  6. mother
  7. photography
  8. makeup artist
  9. web design
  10. travel (anything where i get paid to travel and coordinate travel)
  11. dancer
  12. art studio owner/supporter/collaborator
  13. fashion designer

perhaps if you choose for me, i won't feel so gnawed through and through by doubt.

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