goodbye may day

May 28, 2008 Candace Morris 3 Comments

dear may,
though you have brought in your wake not much more than grimaces, emptiness, reminders of freakishness, isolation, and self-doubt - i still love you.

Because in the darkness of the melancholy month of may, i did find booklings, myself, and the respect for some beautiful women (not to mention a gorgeous new apartment and some not terribly annoying neighbors :) , new friends in arizona, a sassy new haircut, a gorgeous new painting gracing my, maybe it wasn't soooo bad...BUT)

i can't say i am sad to see you go.

because my dear may, i am on the upswing...and june is the happy escort of my newly restored, (but just recently found) old friend, joy. June, meet joy. I think you will get along just smashingly.

so let's talk, june. these are my (s)expectations: (that makes no sense, but i just love that word)
solitude in my social bank
giddy giggles over little trinkets
new jewelery
and finally,
(which must include some rosé, a tight dress, and heavy doses of madonna on the dance floor)

may, you have had your due purpose and i will cherish you, but thank god i feel BEETTTTEEERRR.

sorry you had to witness that.

but, there's

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