feeling goooooglely

May 06, 2008 Candace Morris 7 Comments

You might want to rethink your job when your only desire for a new job is to be able to wear jeans to work.

lemme splain.

This morning, all bleary-eyed and caffeine deprived, I walked up to the corner of 5th and Pike and was distracted from my usual scoffing directed at the (I’m 25 but dress like a 50-year old)Banana Republic display by this wonderful pair of jeans. I didn’t even notice the woman who adorned these fabulous jeans, and they were not anything impressive in and of themselves. But oh how I stared and longed and lusted for a job where I could feel the comfort of a well-fitted jean on my waist.

Clothes make me freaking cranky sometimes. Today I am in one of my favorite army-green, tulip-cut skirts, but I feel just accosted by it. Perhaps I have a mild form of sensory integration disorder, but clothes just never stay put and this constant shuffling and fixing and primping and fussing makes me crave a good scream and more leisurely uniform. And don't misunderstand, I love me some skirts and great slacks and heels, but golly - they can tire a gal out.

So then I log into my computer and go to the seattletimes.org. One of the first articles I read is about google opening more and more new offices – and I don’t know if you know it, but basically, to work for google is to work for jesus. If you want to nap, you can nap – and they provide a napping room. If you want to play foosball or video games, you can, and you guessed it, they provide it. The perks and atmosphere of that place sounds so delicious to my soul (hello, office PET!!); if you relax and take care of yourself, embracing the natural rhythm of your body (sleepy at 3pm, etc), your work will be much more productive.

And let’s face it. You know you are just dinking around on your computer from 3pm-5pm anyway, so may as well actually embrace it.

They call it feeling googly.

So after the jeans site-ing, I realized that my only real standard in this soulless career of office administration work is to find a job where I can wear whatever the frack* I want to.

This is a low standard. This is my point.

Also, maybe I should apply at google.

In other news, my house is feeling slightly more at home because of the following:
  1. I have cooked a meal in my kitchen (BY MYSELF – well, jess helped me refrain from adding an entire can of chipotle peppers to my sauce (i thought it called for a can, turns out it was a teaspoon - yes, i know, they are very close)
  2. Ben and Jess have graced it with meaningful conversation, lounging, and some great old stories. Never underestimate the power of really old friends to help oneself re orientate
  3. My family came and saw it (some of them) and approved of my new european lifestyle - and
    then we walked to get coffee which was delicious and very fun. on the way back, we had a nature walk where mom and dad taught me some names of flowers and foliage
  4. I have found an answer to a design dilemma that was frustrating me. my picture frames cover every open inch of surface in our house, and i really want to have it look less cluttery. so i have decided to give them a concentrated home on three bookshelf ledges (soon to be purchased), and then will get all color-same frames. this way my pictures (which i believe bring a deep amount of soul into my home) will have a home - and a proud and prominent one at that.

These things are very important, ma’am. Don’t even think about trying to build a home without them.

I have been on a picture hiatus lately, probably because this apartment is sapping lots of my creative energy and i am still working on where my creative space will be.

Also I have learned a couple of new words. Necromancer, Stymied. Necromancer is so great to say, but doesn’t mean anything really useful to everyday speech. A necromancer is one who can conjure the dead. *

Stymied is a word I found on the newspaper today (thank god for journalists who still realize that people should still be exposed to words longer than five letters) and it means thwarted or a situation that is mystifying…puzzling.

I love me some wordlings.

Happy Tuesday, most beautiful creations, and it’s happy because candace gets a massage tonight…yay for insurance.

*trivia of the day.

1- This slang is taken from what sci-fi show?
2- Why did I italicize those words?

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