on the subject of self-reward

April 27, 2011 Candace Morris 5 Comments

I have a rule about shopping (which I must admit I do very rarely - the physical act.  I am an almost 100% online shopping gal, even down to my groceries and hairspray (thank you amazon fresh!) ).   If I see something I think I want and don't feel I can purchase it right then and there, I have a little trick for myself to decide if I REALLY want it or if it was just an impulse and I had some monies burning a hole in my purse.

I go home and if I think about the item at least 3 times in the next week or look at 3 items similar to it, then I definitely want it and if I can afford it, go and grab it up.

So there were these gladiator wedges at H&M recently that weren't in my size and I wasn't prepared to buy at the time.  However, I thought of these shoes for probably 6 weeks now...looking at several wedges online.  Finally, yesterday, I was meeting a friend in a different part of town and decided to hit up that H&M to see if they had these particular shoes.  I spent about 20 minutes scouring for them, and JUST as I was about to walk out the front door, I spotted them.  They had my size (well, close enough) and I scooped them right up.  What joy is mine!


This particular purchase was  a reward to myself for reaching a goal in my weight-loss plan this last week.  Although it was a very minor victory, I really have to dramatize if for myself in order to keep motivated for the next 12 weeks.  They aren't particularly well-made or even all that amazing, but they have all the right nuances of what I wanted.


Please skip this numbered list if you find yourself 
uncaring or bored about the particular shoe criteria of this  girl.
1) I strongly dislike cork and espadrilles material, so I wanted a wedge that was the same color as the shoe.
2) I wanted a more gladiator feel to them - rather than a summer sandal.
3) I wanted them to be a manageable height.
4) I wanted them in camel or nude hue so that I could work on the optical illusion of elongating my leg (although, who am I kidding? I will probably not wear them with bare legs anyway - me and bare legs don't get along).
5) I didn't want them to make the annoying heel click sound when I walk.
6) Can be worn with tights in winter.

I am quite pleased indeed.


This joyous find happend to coincide with the arrival of another self-reward I the Easter Bunny had purchased for Joel and myself.  Last April, I bought my first pair of TOMS and have been just pleased as punch with them.  Consequently, I have been rather eager indeed for the second purchase.  I decided to use the celebration of Spring to say to myself, "Self! You deserve a reward because it's beautifully sunny outside."
(Or in Seattle's case..."because it WILL be beautifully sunny outside, damn it!")


Now don't tell my smart new red TOMS that they weren't my first choice.  The plumb wool cordones were SOLD OUT in my size, so I went my next favorite.  I'm still quite pleased.  My lover chose the Kenya cordones, and I admit - I now want them too.
(Can we pull off matching shoes? Hmmm.  It makes my stomach a little sick to see it, so I am guessing NO.)

 I hope the shoeless African children appreciate the extent to which I am willing to invest in their health!

I do hope SOMETHING comes up this week wherein you find the time, energy, money, and wherewithall to celebrate yourself somehow.  Don't make me come do it for you.  My way can be rather spendy.

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