Take me out to the ballgame

June 25, 2010 Candace Morris 1 Comments

My sister and I spent a great deal of our childhoods on a baseball field.  Our brother was kind of a hot-shot pitcher, so every weekend and at least a few weekdays we found ourselves digging through dusty dirt to find some liquorice or trying to coax our mother into buying us a fun-dip.  Sometimes we might be able to scout out a fly ball and then score ourselves a free snow-cone, but those were only on REALLY good days.

A love of baseball is in our blood, so just as soon as it started to feel like summer around Seattle, Teresa took me out to a Mariner's game.  I do love baseball, but I think I love hot dogs more.  I also will take any opportunity to watch the sunset in Safeco Park...it's so amazingly beautiful!  Add a few pints of beer (and because it's Seattle, there is a respectable selection) and VOILA, you have a summer night that dreams are made of. 

On the way home, we rolled down the windows and blasted Heart's greatest hits.  Though we were completely hoarse by the time we arrived home, we were light as feathers and happy as clams.  Thank you, Cliff Lee.  Thank you, Full Sail Amber Ale.  Thank you, jumbo dog with mustard and onions (mustard and relish in her case).  Thank you, Ann Wilson.   Thank you, weather.

Thank you, sister.
When are we going again?


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