le jardin

June 23, 2010 Candace Morris 2 Comments

The last two days have FINALLY felt like summer in Seattle, and I tell you, it's been impossible to stay inside or sit still.  So, I didn't even try.  Yesterday, Teresa and I went to our local nursery and overdosed on the beauty that is chloroplasts and photosynthesis (and other science-y words).  I needed the mood boost in a bad way.

I purchased a wonderful hanging basket of Begonias in the most energizing shade of orange.
I purchased a wonderful arrangement of snapdragons in honor of Kelly's upcoming (2nd, blerg) surgery (they are her favorites).
I purchased arugula.
I purchased zucchini.
(but have not, as yet, mastered the spelling thereof)
I purchased a raspberry start.
I purchased another succulent for my growing collection.

I repotted my Wandering Jew, which had been in a bad way for some time.

I am in love with my granny gardening hat.

It feels so good to get my hands dirty once in a while.

After a productive afternoon I whipped up a rosemary (organic) chicken, potatoes, spinach salad, and herbed carrots.  We topped the meal off with a bottle of Pinot Grigio and enjoyed the lazy summer night.


A special thanks to my sister for taking these pictures of me gardening!

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